Game on for Test Automation 

Whether you're new to Worksoft technologies or a seasoned user of our solutions, you'll find opportunities to expand your knowledge at Worksoft Training Camp, a one-day, hands-on event immediately following our TRANSFORM 2019 conference.


Hosted at The Star, the world headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, our Training Camp offers tracks for both beginners and experts. 

Please see Training Camp course information below and select your options at right.

Note: Participants must bring their own laptop.


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Worksoft Certify Basics

Condensed Training (Full Day)


Who Should Attend?

Users who are new to Worksoft Certify or have been using Certify without prior formal training.


None. Certify Basics is a two-day, hands-on class. Please note this is a compressed version and is not intended to replace the full class.

Key Topics Covered

  • Navigation – explore the user interface
  • Best practices – naming conventions; process, data, and results organization
  • Worksoft Inline Capture – recording processes while working
  • Worksoft LiveTouch – learning objects to create process steps
  • Data Management – variables; layouts; record sets
  • Process Execution – development vs. the “running man”
  • End-to-end Integration – linking sub-processes within an E2E

Worksoft Certify Advanced

Technical Training (AM), Certification Exam (PM)


Who should attend?

Active Worksoft Certify users


  • Completion of one of the following training courses:
    • Online - Worksoft Certify Fundamentals
    • Onsite - Certify Basics; Certify for SAP GUI; Certify for Advanced HTML

Course Options:

We invite you to give us your feedback on which course topics you'd like to see covered during this deep-dive training. Please complete the form at right to give us your input and help shape our morning agenda for advanced training on March 7.


*Note: This class is not intended to be a preparation class for the Certification Exam.  



Tell Us What You’d Like to Learn


Worksoft Certification

Build Your Professional Credentials


Becoming Worksoft Certified is a great way to demonstrate that you're in the hall of fame of Certify users. At the end of Training Camp day, we will offer an option certification exam. Please note that most users will require training beyond the day's course offerings in order to successfully complete this certification test.

Not ready to take the exam yet? The test will be offered to eligible participants at other times throughout the year.

Who can take the test?

  • Active Worksoft Certify users (4-6 months is the recommended minimum)
  • Any Worksoft Expert interested in adding to his/her professional credentials


  • Completion of one of the following training courses:
    • Online - Worksoft Certify Fundamentals
    • Onsite - Certify Basics; Certify for SAP GUI; Certify for Advanced HTML
  • Prior review of the Worksoft Certification study materials (either SAP GUI or HTML focused)
  • One of the Transform 2019 Advanced Technical Training Courses
  • 4-6 Months minimum current experience using Certify on a daily basis

Want more details on the Worksoft certification process? 

Download the ZIP file with study materials, certification presentation, orientation video, and more.



Certification Exam Notes:

The Worksoft Certification exam fee will be waived conference training attendees.

All Training Camp day conference attendees are welcome to take the exam. Please note you are not likely pass the exam unless you have met the stated criteria.

We experience about a 60% pass rate overall.



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